The enOware GmbH and MuoviTech Polska Sp. z o.o. starting a partnership for professional measurement GEOsniff for geothermal probes

At the beginning of today enOware, headquartered in Karlsruhe, Germany and MuoviTech Polska headquartered in Niepolomice, Poland announce their partnership to promote the innovative measurement product GEOsniff for geothermal probes for different kind of applications. MuoviTech Polska will offer the GEOsniff products in Poland, Ukraine, Russia and Italy.

MuoviTech is the European leader in products for geothermal energy like manifold chambers, stick pipes, casing pipes, valves, fittings and everything needed for installation until a heat pump / cooler. With the new product category measurement technology for geothermal probes like GEOsniff, MuoviTech will bring their product portfolio to a new level. As a first step MuoviTech Polska will be the distributor in Poland, Ukraine, Russia and Italy for enOware products like the GEOsniff STARTER KIT, GEOsniff AUTO BYPASS and other GEOsniff products e.g. depth orientated Thermal Response Tests. From now on, all GEOsniff products can be requested and obtained by MuoviTech Polska in the mentioned countries.

The main GEOsniff product is the GEOsniff MEASUREMENT PIG, a miniaturized, spherical and wireless sensor which is swimming inside geothermal probes and collecting data like pressure and temperature very precisely. The sensor is capable to measure the absolute depth, the temperature depth profile, the absolute pressure as also quality and optimization statements for new installed probes or probes in operation. It’s a perfect tool for well constructors, planners, inspectors, research institutes, engineering offices, end users etc. With the App based sensor system, measuring with the GEOsniff sensor is as easy as never before.

Hubert Wolski Managing Director of MuoviTech Polska is very pleased about working together with enOware: “The measurement technology GEOsniff for geothermal probes from enOware is very innovative, easy to handle and smart. It complements our innovative product portfolio in a perfect way. We are very happy working together with enOware and offer their products now.”

Simeon Meier Managing Director of enOware looking forward to the cooperation with MuoviTech Polska: “MuoviTech is a very agile and innovative company in the field of geothermal products. So, we are very pleased working together and promoting our innovative geothermal sensor solutions GEOsniff by MuoviTech Polska. We are looking forward bringing measurement technology together with MuoviTech to the next level and offer the GEOsniff technology by a valuable partner in more countries.”

About MuoviTech Polska Sp. z o.o.
MuoviTech is the European leader in products for geothermal energy, with own factories in US, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Netherlands, UK & Norway. Complete supplier of loops, manifold chambers, stick pipes, casing pipes, valves, fittings, and everything needed for installation until a heat pump / cooler.

About the enOware GmbH
As a Product Company the enOware GmbH offers mobile sensor systems and software for use in fluid environments with the focus on geothermal energy with the product GEOsniff and environmental Monitoring and assumes demanding R&D services in this technological field. The team is based in the technology region in Karlsruhe, Germany.

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