Geothermal probe regeneration – Cooling from the depth

How do I monitor this regeneration and the efficiency of my geothermal probe plant? We offer you the solution!

The added value of geothermal probes in winter is obvious. In order to ensure the efficiency of the geothermal probe sustainably, the soil must not fall below its average temperature of approx. 20° C over the year. During heating in winter, temperature is extracted from the soil, which slowly recurs naturally. This can only be counteracted by an active regeneration of the geothermal probe. Now the summer comes into play! The cooling of the buildings in the summer provides the ground with the heated probe fluid again the necessary temperature. The geothermal probe regenerates during operation.

How do I monitor this regeneration and the efficiency of my plant? We offer you the solution!

  • Check the depth-resolved temperature in continuous operation with our GEOsniff® AUTO BYPASS, fully automatic and highly precise.
  • React as soon as necessary and adjust your probe operation according to the available temperature ranges.
  • Always keep an eye on temperature changes. Optimize the system regarding to ground temperatures during winter and summer operation.
  • Increase the efficiency of your probe system in the long term, in particular by operating in the boundary area in conjunction with the monitoring of the ground temperature and the temperature gradient.

We would be pleased to send you further information regarding tender documents, installation specifications, etc. and prepare a non-binding offer. More information about our GEOsniff® AUTO BYPASS can be found in the data sheet here.

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