Now available: GEOsniff® STARTER-KIT 2.0

"Wether well constructors, inspectors, research facilities, we have put together a package for you!"

The GEOsniff® Starter-Kit 2.0 of enOware combines professional measurement technology with user-friendly operation for generating a depth-temperature profile of a geothermal probe via smartphone. The all-inklisive package meets all the needs and requirements that are necessary for the measurement, visualization, validation and quality assurance of geothermal probes.

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The GEOsniff® Starter-Kit 2.0 includes the following components:

  • GEOsniff® MEASUREMENT PIG for measuring high-precision depth-temperature profile, the absolute depth as well as the continuity of a geothermal probe
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  • GEOsniff® BYPASS for manual insertion and discharge the GEOsniff® MEASUREMENT PIG into the geothermal probe, comfortably stored within a barrel including a submersible pump

  • GEOsniff® VALIDATION-BOX for reading out the measurement data, configuration of the measurements and charging the energy storage of the GEOsniff® MEASUREMENT PIG

  • GEOsniff® APP for iOS smartphones for controlling the VALIDATION-BOX, wireless and user-friendly. The Android APP is coming soon! Get in touch with the current test environment.
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  • GEOsniff® Training at enOware or on site for max. 3 persons including training materials and field tests.

The GEOsniff® Starter-Kit 2.0 offers the following advantages:

  • Measurement of a high-precision depth-temperature profile, the absolute depth as well as the continuity for initial measurement of the efficiency of a geothermal probe, including TRT measurement

  • wireless overall system for reading and evaluating of the measured data with a operating time up to 8 hours (optional: GEOsniff® CORD CLIP Adapter for wired lowering within well measuring points, probes etc.)

  • Easy to operate via Smartphone GEOsniff® APP

  • Location management by GPS logging

  • Starting, controlling and managing multiple measurements

  • Clear and immediate visualization of measurement data

  • Easy export of measurement data in CSV format

  • Push notifications about current states of the GEOsniff® MEASUREMENT PIG like "ready for measurement", "probe base reached", "measurement date can be read out",...
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Geothermal probe monitoring

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Now available: GEOsniff® AUTO BYPASS

More than just Geothermal Monitoring!

Now available for Android!

GEOsniff app for professional evaluation of your measurement results